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THE CHALLENGER DOME (6 years - Adults)
Wow, what a game! The Challenger Dome is the next generation 3-D interactive inflatable of the future. Based on the game of "Simon Sez", this giant 5m high half-dome lights up inside and out in a sequence of tones and flashing lights (say red, blue, green). The contestant must then bounce/jump to press the touch sensors in the same sequence as the Challenger (ie. red, blue, green) in order to score points. If they get it right, the sequence of lights and sounds becomes longer and harder. Up to 4 people at a time can play inside the Dome (although it gets a little crazy with more than two). There are four different levels of difficulty, an electronic scoreboard indicating points/high scores and large, coloured inflatable panels that flash, dazzle and light up in sync with the music (at night it looks like a giant jack-lantern!). A cutting edge interactive game designed for a wide age group. The Challenger Dome conforms to all Australian safety standards.
Size: 4.5m (W) x 5m (L) x 5m (H)
Weight: 160 kg
Max. No. of Players: 4
Power Requirement: 1 x 10amp (regular plug) within 20m of site
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